the boxing Celebrity Muay Thai

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Numerous awards cycling extreme sports, not foreigners specifically the United States. Amateur in China Bicycle Hand, had the end of a one hour and forty one minute fifty seconds results, one thousand nine hundred fifty-eight climbing stairs, boarded eighty-eight storey Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, becoming the tallest building in health cycling challenge Guinness record of the first. As extreme sports enthusiasts, beyond the self-life goals, starting from the basement of Jinmao Tower, a record when more than fifty stairs, but this time it will be completed in just less than an hour the whole, the results of their own very satisfied. Limit cycling champion, set cars including cycling, climbing buildings, high-jumping and climbing and other artificial barriers to competition.

Ip alive once said, "afraid to fight eventually play" to encourage the disciples the courage to face the enemy, because the only fear is fear itself, refers to the Wing Chun stressed the need to exert only force, not to make unnecessary consumption, in addition to offensive and defensive trade-offs, but also a practice to judge the situation. Teacher training before Chengri force if difficult, kind of got to the point of application of the force is used to learn Wing Chun, Department of generous reasons difficult to master. Practiced Wing Chun People would be more generous sense to protect yourself, even if the same gunmen with a cross shot guns Lin Zhu, I shot a bullet were both too generous drainage, because the spring weather I Zha Yong Lian Li hands from the gun will be straight stretch than others!

Youth learned martial arts, and later joined a number of fitness and boxing will be, which follow the boxing Celebrity Muay Thai As boxing and Muay Thai fighter amphibious, then side to side to practice Muay Thai make a living selling vegetables in the Kowloon City Market. Now do private bodyguard, insisted the body and to practice speaking Thai, their fighting spirit strong, good at Muay Thai fight stress. Strong case stronger, better than the feet boxing, especially the left hook the most important, step down competition decade, but also maintain the hundred and thirty pounds of body weight, indicating the importance attached to personal workout. Men's Fragrance at events, his coat and Muay Thai coach removed contest of strength. And they can show abdominal muscle topless fight Muay Thai. Arbor in a red, a group of bare-chested young men in Muay Thai show, which attracted a crowd of curious spectators.

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the boxing Celebrity Muay Thai

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This article was published on 2010/10/11